Trust yourself

As a new mother those two-word sentence “trust yourself” is literally the hardest thing I need to remember to continue to do. I am sure all first time mom’s (FTM) out there could be feeling similar vibes.

What kept me from trusting myself in the first few days/weeks post delivery? Mostly my crazy hormones.

After all I have carried that little cupcake for 9 months, 41 weeks to be exact, No one else is that connected to my daughter. I know my daughter best.

Other Things that kept me from trusting myself and constantly stressing about me raising my kid properly:

  • My mom would constantly take my baby girl examine her and come up with something that seems wrong
  • My grandmother was able to change the diaper in 30 seconds! No joke! And I am talking about a poopy diaper…like who is that fast?!! I took like 5 minutes, because I was so careful. It takes me much faster now, but I don’t think I can make it in 30 seconds 😀
  • The internet – oh the source of ALL causes why I should take my daughter to ER like right now…Just kidding, but the information overload is a killer. Also not all information posted online are a good source. Some articles will contradict itself too, I read one of those and thought it was ridiculous.
  • Other mothers – they think they know your baby because if their baby was a certain way then every single baby is just the same…NOOOOO – Every baby is different, just like every adult is different

So what do you do?

  • You explain to yourself that being a first time grandma is just like a FTM and grandma is as stressed out as mama. She is also doing her best because she loves her grandkid with one kind of love. I have learned to just let my mom be and when she was taking care of Emilia I just left them be
  • I no longer look things up everywhere. I use one source and that’s What to Expect First Year, I have the book as well. I used the app during pregnancy and loved it. They really have their information backed up with lots of professional references
  • I don’t worry about how fast I do things with Emilia. She is okay with whatever pace I do things. Except when it comes to feeding, when that girl is hungry she wants that food NOW. It has been good though, I have figured out the signs and I now rarely get her to the point where she is angry for food. I can almost tell her different cries.
  • I listen to what other moms say but I don’t always follow their ways. I have few friends that have same opinions on things in general so I sometimes ask them how they are doing things. I definitely don’t read what follows the words “You should…..” or “You must…”

Remember to trust yourself and your intuition with your baby. You know her or him the best 🙂  Remember and understand that all mothers have a different style of doing things but there is one thing ALL mothers have in common; every mother protects their babies with their eternal love.

I also recommend some good Netflix series. I started One Day at a Time and I am loving it 🙂



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