Parenting is a race?

Seriously, this one will be a bit of an angry post because I am super angry. It could be that my hormones are still on a high levels of crazy and I am just taking things differently but I swear some women think that having a baby is a competition…

One example that gets me going and I get super angry about is breastfeeding. This other girl I know has a baby girl 3days older than mine. She breastfeeds plus pumps milk. I only pump milk and also give my baby girl some formula. I know that it is scientifically known that a mother who breastfeeds and pumps might produce more milk than the lady that solely pumps.

She keeps telling me how much milk she pumps! Well, actually she first asks me how much I pump then she tells me that she pumps more. I am not going to give specific numbers because it seriously isn’t anybody’s business how much I pump. I mean when someone asks I just answer honestly, because that’s the way I am but I won’t freely advertise the number to the entire world. I pump enough to feed my baby and I am planning on pumping until my boobs keep producing, however long that is. I do have a time frame when I would like to stop but who knows if I will even get there. So I am just happy with what I got.

I do feel however that this woman feels superior to me because she pumps more milk! And she sends me pictures of the amount of milk, which really just proves to me that she is a show off.

I post a cute picture of my Emilia online with a dress on, she immediately has to do the same.

I was told that I am wrong to put gloves on my baby at home because the fact that her hands are cold doesn’t mean that she is cold. You are supposed to check the babys temp by checking her tummy and her neck. I don’t give a fuck about this rule, if my baby’s hand are cold I am going to put those mittens on her…seriously

Dude, this is not a competition. All mothers are different and everyone does things differently, why judge?

Anyways, I will end here because I can tell that i will just get more angry about this.


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