Daddy’s intuition??

Okay, I didn’t do real research so I don’t know for sure but I am pretty sure dad’s don’t have such great intuition when it comes to babies as much as mom’s do, if it even exists.

It took my husband about 10 weeks to finally hold Emilia for feedings such that she doesn’t sink in his arms 🤣

First, a bit of advice. If you get help from anyone, be it your mom, your in-laws, your older sister, whomever, try to make sure the living situation is such that your partner is with you the entire time. My hubby was only with me and Emilka for a week and then he went back to staying at Queens so he can go to work while I stayed back at my parents’ house on LI.

So he only came to see us on the weekends and I used to go bunkers. He did not care much during the day, and to be honest my mom and my grandma wouldn’t let him do shit anyways so I cannot be angry with him here. But then at night we had Emilia with us in out room and he barely got up with me to feed her or when I asked him for help half the time he didn’t know what I was saying and plus he did everything in slow-mo!!! 🤬😡

Boy, was I worried when it came time for both me and Emilia to come home. It wasn’t easy, it still isn’t because my dear husband still does things in slow-mo but I learned to just relax and plus I now know that he is way more in-tune with Emilia already. Yes, it takes him longer to figure certain things out but in this case he always listens to me. That, I am so always happy about. He never ever questioned my approach and every time I told him something he did exactly that, just slower. 😂

So, try not to do that. Don’t separate the baby and the second parent because you as the babies companion for pretty much 24/7 know her or his every little move and noise and you may know naturally right away what is wrong. The other person needs to learn it.

The slowness of my husband always irks me. I love it too though, because he is like that with everything. He won’t say too much while angry like I do. He is way better at cooking and baking than I am thanks to this slowness. And to be completely honest, he is probably not slow, I am just an idiot who needs to do everything too fast.

He is now almost an expert on all things Emilia. The key for us is for me to be calmer and for me to just tell him things about our daughter that he might not picked up on yet ☺️ He is learning and he is such a great father. My worries was unnecessary because as soon as the two of us were left alone he was all on board ready to hop on any second to help. In fact, I also made a bit of a mistake at the beginning. Which is, wait for it, yep, I thought I will do it better and faster therefore why bother the husband. That approach was stupid and in fact offensive to my husband.

Oh, do bother the husband!!! It will ease your mind knowing that he knows exactly what to do when you decide to go have some you time. ☺️😃 I leave the house now, without a worry on my mind. I usually do want to come back after 30min passes but it’s only because I have separation anxiety and am missing that baby girl like crazy.


2 thoughts on “Daddy’s intuition??

  1. Awww… What a sweet pic!
    Duże brawa dla męża, bo on naprawdę musiał włożyć sporo pracy żeby wejść do świata Emilki, zwłaszcza, że od początku nie miał możliwości.
    To, co piszesz jest bardzo ważne. Gdy moja najstarsza córka miała rok, nagle straciłam przytomność i wylądowałam w szpitalu na 3 tygodnie. Gdyby mój ówczesny małżonek nie był we wszystko, że tak powiem wdrażany, to prędzej umarłabym z niepokoju o córkę, niż na ten pęknięty w brzuchu guz. Dlatego tak ważna jest współpraca obojga rodziców, bo nigdy nie wiesz, co się może przytrafić jednemu z nich,

    Hahaha, mój Tomek też powolny w swych poczynaniach, a może to ja (tak jak ty) jestem zbyt szybka i niecierpliwa? On mnie słucha, of course, i of course kiwa głową, ale i tak robi swoje, a raczej to, co mu karze władczyni Tamaluga. 😀

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