Where is the logic???

This one will be on the complaining side and honestly this is just my thoughts as always.

Also please do not get offended I totally understand that ALL kids are different and each mother does as she pleases with her kids. That’s obvious, no one should tell you how to raise your kids

Well with that in mind I am just searching for logic in some of the moms’,

that I know personally, behaviors. That’s all, I am just trying to make sense of it.

My first example is a mom who panics a lot. No, I am not criticizing her panicking. I would be a hypocrite for that because I panic too (like when I need to cut Emilia’s nails). So she is the kind of mom that wants to take her baby to ER BUT doesn’t fasten her baby in a rock’n play sleeper while she goes into a shower. I mean, that just doesn’t make any sense to me!!! You are leaving your baby alone to go take a shower, please make sure she or he is safe 😱😱😱

The baby almost fell out, few more minutes and that baby girl would have been on the floor. 😳

I know we all want to do something really quickly and we don’t think it through. With babies kicking away and learning new movements every day though you really need to have eyes everywhere.

And by the way it is not recommended to take a baby to an ER unless it’s really an emergency because there are way too many germs there. I don’t even like going to an ER because of the germs part.

Second story, and here a fair warning. I know all about SIDS and I also know about all the AAP recommendations about sleeping safety BUT I know that not all mothers abide by them and I totally respect that.

Anyways, this woman on a fb group posts a question and asks other mothers about when they started to use a blanket and a pillow because she is thinking of using it for her daughter but she is a little scared that the baby might suffocate. Totally understandable! There was lots of different answers but she finally posted a picture of the crib and the pillow and the blanket are there. What drew my attention though was the bumpers on the crib. Now, stay with me before you all kill me. I don’t care who has bumpers and who doesn’t but again looking for logic. If she is scared about the pillow and the blanket why is she NOT scared about the bumpers?! I don’t get it 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Here is another good one. Someone told me not to buy bumpers because of the suffocating just like the AAP recommendation BUT that person puts an amber necklace on her baby at all times.

We all know that a necklace can even cut a circulation for an adult right? By the way, I also have an amber necklace for when teething is happening. I also started putting the necklace on Emilia during the day sometimes but I don’t know, I am not super convinced about it. Not sure if I will use it even for overnight. We shall see. All

I am saying that a lot of mothers are scared of one thing but then turn around and to something contradicting.

All right, that’s it for now moms. Remember you know best what is good for your child 😊 Don’t panic too much! However I now know why a lot of mothers go grey very quick, I sure have some grey already!!! 😱😱


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