Easter Post Follow up

As I was prepping some food this morning I remembered one more tradition which I only forgot about it because we haven’t done it in a while since we are all grown up. This year Emilka is a bit too little but next year we are so doing it!

It’s PISANKI. Or Decorating the eggs!

Oh they are so beautiful and there are so many techniques to do them. Sky is the limit really and all through the years people get more and more creative with it.

Some ideas below:

My very favorite ones are most traditional where you die the egg and then you scrape out the design:

Or another traditional one done with wax. You use the wax to put on your design. Once done with the design you dip the egg in any color dye you want:

You can lace up you egg:

Or to make the design of the lace you simply put on the lace on the egg and drop into the dye. Once the egg is try take of the lace and you get this:

For little kids I recommend regular brush and paint:

Or a marker:

You can use an old cloth that has nice decor:

The ideas are endless!

Also there are two types of the egg prep. One is hard boiled and the other is Wydmuszki (Blowout). The hard boiled is easy, you just boil the egg.

To make wydmuszki you take a fresh egg and pinch a whole at each end of the egg end you blow out the insides. Try not to break the egg!!! 😂 it’s very easy to break it while blowing and than it’s hard to keep it a whole when you are decorating it.

Or you can go completely out of town and do this:

It’s really hard for me to believe that these are indeed real eggs. 😀


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