Baby pictures…

What I really think about baby pictures..? You know the ones on Pinterest, done by what’s called a professional photographer where the baby is never in his or her natural position.

Like these:

I must say ALL BABIES look amazing. They are cute, they melt your heart and their little bodies don’t have to be tortured for a picture to look great. They are natural models! Put the baby down, take a camera a shoot as many shots as your heart pleases, I assure you what you will find after you open up the pictures is amazing!

Here is the first photo session of Emilia, she was 3days old!

The last one was clearly a cry for help. She was sick of the camera click already. Yea, they don’t look professionally done, they don’t have any Photoshop BUT my baby was safely (but not completely) sitting in the swing, her spine was in a comfortable position, and she didn’t poop on anyone!!

Yea, those naked baby photos??? Ask any photographer how many time a mom or a dad gets shit on. 😂😂😂 Sorryyyy! It’s the truth, my Emilia had a thing for pooping at each dr visit. The minute she got undressed and put on the weighing table and that nurse just touched her butt there was poop. Hahah One nurse got sprayed 😂😂😂😂😂 So think of all those photo sessions, they don’t last 2 min the photographer takes about 100 shots of just one position.

Another thing. I have families with little kid in UK and in Poland. NO ONE does this there, if they do it’s very rare. I just thought about it now, at 5am when I was going through instagram and I looked at an Easter photo of my friends. They were natural and amazing in its simplicity. I think in the US like with everything it’s another competition.

I wrote a post in Polish about this. I noticed that in smaller town a baby is born into a family and the expectation for him to be a prom king starts right away! Kids are thought competition early in their life! I was in shock when I came to the US and a girl told me that I don’t get to talk to a football player if I am not a sports person myself, specifically a cheerleader. I saw all the high school clicks and decided I would be an outsider. I thought this shit only happened in MOVIES, nope US schools really are the way they are portrayed in movies. To say the least HS wasn’t my favorite place.

Now I feel that all the new mamas need to be in competition about the newborn sessions. Those pictures rarely get printed for a wall frame but instead are posted on Insta or Facebook for everyone to see.

I must say I take at least 20 photos a day of my Emilia. I clearly don’t post them all, and they are rarely staged photos. I don’t like staging my daughter for photos. I only do it for certain occasions but her little body is not played with, whatever position she takes that’s how we shoot the picture.

She learns new expressions everyday and it looks fun on photos.

I take my photos mainly for me and my hubby to have great memories. I would definitely like to make yearly albums and I want some of them on my wall!


2 thoughts on “Baby pictures…

  1. I always thought of this as torture for babies. Candids are so much better since they actually capture someone’s personality. And I don’t want my kids asking me “Why would you do that to me?!”

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