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I used to be very off limits especially to Polish people. I am Polish myself, I was borned and raised there. I still am careful and I don’t want to be around this one kind of people from my country.

It’s the kind of people that will make you feel small. It’s the kind of people that come to US and completely forget how to speak our language, if I can hear your square accent then you still know polish, please don’t pretend. It’s the kind of people that got a better position and now they have to show their power to you. Or the people that live here in States but think everything about this country is awful, all I have to say to this one is move the f out buddy. It’s the kind of people that suck all the energy out of you.

Like in every culture, all people are different, so not all polish people are as I mentioned above. In fact, I met an awesome group of runners whom I love to spend time with. We meet every Wednesday for run practice and twice a week for a core workout. We also travel outside of the city for a weekend camp where we workout, hike and just spend time together as friends.

I am also exploring a new group of mothers since I recently became a mom 🙂 Motherhood definitely opened up a door to more friendhsips although I do see that some moms are already competing with their babies so little. You can see my post on Parenting is a race? or Baby pictures… I touch upon those issues there. However in general there are few mothers in that group I can see myself hanging out with.

I also recently commented on a post in one of the polish groups on facebook where a woman mentioned that she feels very lonely in NYC and she cannot find any good and normal friends. She defined normal by saying that she wants friends that won’t compete, friends that don’t get jealous, friends that have time for simple coffee. Lots of people critiqued her poor choice of words but I totally related to her. You know, polish or not people in NYC are a different breed. The constant run for career and money leaves very little room for friendships.

Anyways that post was entered by an admin as the lady wanted to be anonymous, who blames her? She got so much hate for her post. Someone did reach out to me though, and I have a good feeling it’s actually the anonymous woman. We chatted, she seems down to esrth and I think we could be friends. Time shall tell, we are set to meet on Sunday. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Explore Friendships

  1. I completely agree with almost everything you write. It’s the same with Polish people in Norway. So many of them complain complain and complain about Norway, people, weather. If you so unhappy— wtf you stay there?!? But unfortunately we seem to be masters of complain generally (I know it’s huge generalization.. but..) I think there is a great number of fantastic Polish people but they still disappear in a sea of idiots. Sorry to say. It’s harsh but true 😉 I hope your meeting will be successful!!! Every new friend enriches us! And what you wrote about NYC – totally agreed. Lived there a while so I experienced it myself.


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