My Poland 🇵🇱

All Polish jokes aside! Haha

Just kidding, Drop them, I will laugh with you. It has been a long time since someone told me one.

I am doing a series of posts in Polish about USA and I call them – My America. In those I share my life here in the United States.

I thought it would be a cool idea to give my readers a perspective on how and where I was raised.

I have passed that mark where I have spent half of my life in Poland and half in US, so one could say I am more American now 🙂 However, I still think in Polish and some of the values brought from there will stay with me forever.

The thing is that my posts about Poland will be from an eye of a 14 year old because that’s how old I was then. I even remember all of my friends from that time. I am lucky enough to still be in touch with some of them and we are seeing each other in May when I visit Poland. 🙂

There are lots of differences from how the life was in Poland to how life was and is in the US. Like for example, still till this day friends meet for coffee a lot in Poland. In US it seems that you always have to get onto a specific and very tight schedule to meet with someone. This might be just a NYC thing but nonetheless I literally have to make plans months in advance to meet with someone, and no they don’t live in another state, just another borough 🤣

In Poland you just simply call up a friend or a family member to see if they are home, tell them you are dropping by or tell them to meet you somewhere for coffee.

Recently when I visited Poland, for a funeral unfortunately, I still wanted to at least see one of my aunts. So, I called her up and told her that I will drop by in the evening. When I got there she told me not to undress because my other uncle is on the way and we are going to visit both of her brothers!!! What?!?! They don’t even live close, so for the next 3hrs I got to see my entire family from my moms side of the family that still lives in my city.

Do you know how much logistics would have to go in to pull that off, here in the US?! Lol

I was in shock and one of my uncles asked me what I missed about Poland a lot and I told them ‘this’, they didn’t get it, naturally. I told them about the appointment system that tends to go on when you live in the US and they all said they feel bad for this. I do to. I wish things were different but I am hopeful because since I had my daughter one of my friends already visited me 3 times this year! That is a lot, and she is thinking to visit me again this week! Unthinkable 😂😂 But also, since I am home most of the time, I became very available to everyone ☺️ It was much different when I worked 9a to 6pm every day.

Anyways, that’s just one of many differences. Let me know if there is something you would like to read about in these series of posts about Poland.


One thought on “My Poland 🇵🇱

  1. Oh gosh, never thought about it, but that’s so true about an appointment system! As a child, my friends and I would plan get togethers weeks in advance. As we got older, one of them became a social butterfly and would literally schedule me in between going out with other friends! Now that you’ve mentioned it and I’ve thought about it, it’s a really sad way to live. I always thought get togethers had to be planned in advance.


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