Mind Blown 🤯

This mom, I swear to you, she does everything to show off. It like hurts to see it, that’s how bad the show off game is.

High chair. She noticed that I already got a high chair for baby girl and asks me where I got it and if I like it. I like it, Emilia loves it, I was mad it was like $70. Why are baby things so freaking expensive?!

Fisher Price High Chair

She sends me a picture of her little one in her high chair, and I see leather seat! Wow, I thought, that must be a BMW in high chairs 😂 Sure enough, it’s $299!!! Are you fucking kidding me??!!! Why does a baby need a high chair this expensive?

I’ll tell ya! So the parents can show the world they have a high end high chair! 🤦🏻‍♀️

I wonder if my baby ever asks me why I was so cheap and got her some mediocre high chair 🤷🏻‍♀️

No! She will never ask that because just like me she will be thought that having expensive shit means nothing.

As much as I see why people would buy a $800 stroller, but not really, I cannot grasp a $300 high chair.

2 thoughts on “Mind Blown 🤯

  1. hehe, we used plastic high chairs from IKEA, they are what .. maybe 50 PLN 😉 (around 15 USD)
    I think they are the best! Most easy to wash, stable but light. And kids never complained 😉

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  2. Lol you’re doing better than me! We got our little one an ikea $20 high chair. Easy to clean but doesn’t look super comfy. I got a vintage cane high chair that’s too big for him atm for his 1st bday photos! Doesn’t matter as long as they’re happy and eating their food etc. other mothers can be so showy – I hate that. I’d rather hear about how they parented their kid better than spent more money on the same stuff.


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