Update on life

Wow! I planned on doing one post a week and I haven’t done is since June I believe so I have about 7 weeks of updates. This one will be a short post and I will try to a bit more detailed posts about certain things probably this week and then I will schedule myself to do one post a week on random topics 🙂

My daughter had been through crazy amount of mile stones in the last two months! Mostly, about a week ago she started to crawl and it’s so much fun except she loves to crawl towards everything that has a cable attached to it. I constantly yell “no, don’t touch that!” and by now she knows very well what that means. She knows, because every time I go “no, no! Don’t touch” she looks at me all puppy look that says ‘I am innocent’ 😀

My mother-in-law is coming over for 6 months! – I am a little scared of this because we live in a one bedroom apartments and it’s not one of those big one bedroom apartments where I still have full size kitchen and a huge living space. No, it’s very New York city compact style. Needless to say, it’s a tight space with no escape.

Luckily I will out most of the day because I have a new job. I thought I will try to work from home, but the gigs that I have give me very minimal income. We decided with hubby that since we are getting free babysitting services that it’s best if I get a full time job with steady and higher income so we can save as much as possible.

Our daughter’s Christening is in two weeks and so is our wedding. We are already married but we never did a church wedding and we certainly didn’t have a party. We combined the two for money saving purposes and we are only doing a simple sit down dinner and not a big party.

I am going back to school in September! o_o 😀 I am actually super excited for this! It will be for Construction Project Management, something I am crazy passionate about.

I am going to be a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding this September and I cannot wait!

Anyways, I will try to post more often and also read more of my followers!




2 thoughts on “Update on life

  1. Super, ze u Was wszystko dobrze! Tyle nowego, ale brzmi ekscytująco 🙂 tylko 6 miesięcy z teściową… będzie wyzwanie!


    1. Oj będzie będzie
      Juz mi mąż powiedział że musze lepiej posprzątać 🙄 a ja mam porządek ogólnie wiec powiedziałam ze najwyżej niech teściowa se sprząta jak chce

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