Mom comments before being a mom?

Soooo I need to apologize to a lot of moms for my thoughts before I had kids. There was so many misinterpretations and some degree of judgement from someone that clearly didn’t know shit about motherhood.

Now that I am mom I have a better understanding and so much less judgement although some things do baffle me 😂 All personal opinion aside I really do believe that all moms know what’s best for their offsprings.

With all that said I was always surprised that so many moms are willingly going back to work. I am talking about moms that didn’t need to go to work because their husband’s income was sufficient for the entire household. I am aware some moms have absolutely no choice. I was lucky because I was able to stay home with my daughter for 7 months! Towards the end though it was my idea to go back to work.

I realized I am not so great at the staying at home thing. I was constantly tired and didn’t have the energy to even dress. I obviously gave all my attention to my baby girl and I don’t regret that I had so many months of mommy-daughter time but I had zero energy to do me.

Now that I am working full time I have more energy than when I was staying at home. I come home every day and not only do I have the energy to spend quality 2-3hrs playing with my daughter I still have energy for some reading and some house errands. Surprisingly my house is cleaner when I work full time than it was when I was home all day.

Another big thing I used to say or think was about co-sleeping with baby. I thought it was silly, I thought I would never do it because then the baby will get used to it and there goes your intimacy with your significant other. Well, for the most part my baby sleeps in her crib. There are however times where she is fussy in the middle of the night and what do I do? I take her to our bed or I go and sleep with her on the couch? Why you ask? Because I know that when she gets her proper sleep then both me and my husband will get our proper sleep as well. The co sleeping doesn’t happen often but I certainly take her to sleep with us, especially when she wakes up at 5a on the weekend 😃 if I take her into our bed she will sleep with us until 7 or 8 😄

One thing I am glad I did with my daughter is I got her used to sleeping while there is noise around her. And I totally will judge the moms that need to 🤫 everyone because their baby is asleep. I mean to each is own but when you go on vacation with someone like that and your vacation turns into constant shushing 🤫 then it’s a disaster.

What assumptions, judgements did you make before you became a mom that then came and hit you in the face?? 😃😅

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