Vacationing with other moms

Back in June I went on a little gateway with two moms that I have met through a facebook group.

We have hung out before and I liked both of them and one of them said ‘hey let’s go to out of town just us and the kids and relax a bit’. We live in Queens so out of town trip sounded cool to me.

So off we went, our husbands came with us to help us unload but they left that same day to go to work on the next and they were to return on Friday to spend the weekend with us and then we were to go home.

Our plans was to visit local farms, parks and a lake. We did none of it. We just stayed in the house and played in the back yard and walked the neighborhood.

Our kids are small enough that they didn’t realize the difference that we stayed put in one place. I wouldn’t mind it either except I was going crazy there with these ladies.

Hanging out for a few hrs during the week is one thing and another to spend an entire week together. I am telling you, make sure you know the people you vacation with well otherwise don’t it.

From 7am to 9pm the TV was on with kids youtube on and if I hear “the wheels on the bus” song one more time I will strangle someone. That song is ruined for me, my daughter will never hear it again.

One of the kids only slept when it was dead quiet around her. Therefore it was best if that one kid was sleeping others should too or if they didn’t they have to be outside not to wake the baby up. That was a fucking disaster. Try to put all three babies on the same sleeping schedule within a few days and tell me how that experiment went for you.

One of the kids had a bit of a cough. It didn’t worry me, it didn’t sound like it was something contagious, more like an allergy cough. The little girl also got a bit of a runny nose, and the mom went bunkers. She kept asking us if she should take her daughter to the doctors she kept calling her friend and family like she didn’t have a brain of her own. It’s okay to ask for opinions but calling 100 people, for crying out loud, get a grip of your shit and make a decision.

By the time our husbands came I was drained, and all I wanted to do was to go home. Oh, another thing is, on vacation I like to do minimal and standing in the kitchen cooking is not vacation to me. They wanted cooked dinner every day and I told them at the beginning that I am not doing shit. I made dinner on Friday night and I helped other days but my help was minimal so I am sure I got called lazy but it’s whatever.

Needless to say I don’t think I will ever go on vacation with other parents and stay in the same house. It will have to be a hotel stay where I can escape to my own space.

Did you ever go on vacation that didn’t feel too much like vacation?

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