Is your life better than mine?

This isn’t going to be a research paper but rather my observations of people in general.

Is it normal to be jealous of someone? I want to say, yes it is totally normal. What is unnatural in my opinion is being hateful towards a person because they have something you cannot.

Plus I also think that the grass only seems greener on the other side and if you were to look closer that grass might not be greener. It could be but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

I recently talked to someone who told me that she doesn’t consider herself middle class and by standards she actually considers herself on the poor side. She elaborated that yeah, she drives a good car buys expensive purses but that does not make her a middle class if she has little to non savings.

I laughed at how she presented the situation but when I thought about it I remembered one of my friends who is always struggling with money a bit and always wonders how some of our acquaintances afford all of the stuff they buy. I always tell her not to look at it this way, because yea they might drive an Audi and they may take luxurious vacation but they might eat bread and butter for weeks to afford the trips plus they might have a lot of debt on their credit cards. Another alternative is that they have a great career in which case they get what they worked for.

In order to really compare yourself to someone your lives would have to be identical. This way you are comparing apples to apples. There is no way you can find a person, your exact age with the same exact upbringings unless you have an identical twin that is and you and your twin ended up going to the same college, got the same job, and married brothers (or sisters) that are also twins 😂😂😂 Almost an impossible scenario 😝

Therefore don’t go in depth comparing your self because your circumstances may differ a lot even when it seems different at first sight.

I think it’s only beneficial to closely look at another person only if you treat it as aa lesson or an encouragement for bettering yourself as a person. For example you might see someone got a better position by working hard and in turn you decide to put more effort in your work so that you some day will excel in your career.

What do you think? Why do people take so much time comparing their life to someone else’s? And why do so many people becomes viciously jealous because someones life seems better?

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