Christmas by my family

Ever since I was little Christmas was done two ways in my family. And it’s that way because my dads side of the family is totally different from my moms. Food didn’t differ much but few things definitely did.

Things that were always the same:

There was always an additional plate on a table for an unexpected guest. We never had one yet but we are always prepared for one.

We always started with sharing the wafer with each other and wishing each other good health and other wishes

Kids had to sing a carol to get a gift

12 dishes was put on the table – usually lots of fish and pierogi, borscht was a must in both families

Christmas at my moms side of the family:

Christmas Eve supper usually starts late. Probably around 7-ish because we had to see that first star ⭐️ in the sky. Plus when I was little we did Christmas Eve at both my dad’s family and then my moms so naturally my grandma made the dinner late. Regardless though, even now when we go back to spend Xmas at my moms family the supper is late.

The first dish was “Kluski z makiem” – don’t even know the proper translation for that one 😅

We can take our time with the food. We usually eat for the entire night.

We waited for “Santa” (usually my uncle) upstairs and he was always gone by the time we ran downstairs but the bag of gift was always full.

Absolutely no alcohol and no sweets! You had to wait till the 25th for the good stuff.

Oh and no TV during the supper.

Christmas at my dad’s family:

Definitely early supper. When I was a kid I thought it was because we had to go make another supper after that one but now I know it’s just the way it is. My grandmother and her sisters are too impatient to wait with dinner.

First dish is the borscht usually served with little ravioli like pasta called “uszka”

You have top 15 minutes to eat and the table gets cleaned. The dishes get cleaned, dried and put away. If you want more food you have to wait until the next day 🤦🏻‍♀️😵

Cake is eaten right after dinner and pour that alcohol would ya?!

Presents were already under the tree when we arrived, Santa made early rounds at this side of the family. 😆

Make that TV louder please!

Christmas 2018:

This year we had our Christmas at my parents house. So it was me, my husband and my daughter plus my mother in law, my parent, brother and grandparents (dads’ parents).

We did supper at 5:15 pm and by 6 the table was cleaned off 😅😂😬

The TV was on clear and loud

There was no alcohol at Christmas Eve and we were only allowed one piece of cake.

My daughter didn’t exactly know what is going on but the delight on her face when we opened gifts was something that was worth waiting for. Seeing Christmas through one year olds eyes is something we all should do.

2 thoughts on “Christmas by my family

  1. Always interesting to see how other people celebrate! My dad worked the evening shift and had to work on Christmas most years, so Christmas was celebrated from 11pm on the 24th when my dad came home, until 2pm on Christmas day, when he left for work again. Christmas “dinner” was always served at 1pm on the 25th, and I didn’t think there was anything strange about that until I was an adult.


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