Are you scared?

When I tell people that my daughter is starting daycare the number one question is; “You are not scared?”

This is my top hated question of all times ever since I knew I am having a baby.

You are not scared to go to the dr with such bad opinions?

You are not scared to work right in the middle of NYC while pregnant?

You are not scared to leave the baby so early to have a weekend gateway with your husband?

You are not scared to give her food this early?

You are not scared she is too hot in her stroller?

You are not scared she is going to daycare so early?

Stop 🛑 For goodness sake, of course I AM SCARED. All mothers are scared. I am 30 and my brother is 24 and both my parents worry if we don’t text them that we made it home okay.

I was afraid to go to work and leave my daughter home for an entire day but you know what? I come home and she runs to me and gives me kisses, zero reaction to the fact that I am leaving the house. Always waves bye bye to me while other mothers need to sneak out of the house while their babies are napping because the kid will have a fit otherwise. So I ask you, aren’t you scared you are raising a kid that will depend on his mama too much? Totally not judging just asking a stupid question just like other mothers do.

I am scared how her first of daycare goes. I had a goal, and that was not to let her go to daycare until she is one year old. It was a luxury that I was able to achieve that goal. It was ok for me not to work for 8 months and then my mother in law came to visit from Poland and she took care of out daughter. She is leaving in mid February so we started my daughter at daycare as of today so she can get used to it before grandma leaves. We literally just dropped her off and I am on my way to work. She cried a little at first when I was undressing her but then she got occupied with a little boy and didn’t make a sound when I was saying bye to her.

I am glad that I work. I realized really quickly that I cannot be a stay at home mom. My daughter doesn’t need an unhappy mother at home. She needs her mama to be a happy person and she will be just fine with me working. My parents both worked when we were little and I never felt unloved.

Also before you ask a dumb question think twice. Some people just don’t have the luxury for one parent not to work! I have a friend who had to give both her sons to daycare at 2 months old! Is she somehow a bad mother because of this?? Think 💭 before you ask.

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