Rumor has it…

Hearing stories about yourself that aren’t true is really just the tip of the iceberg, because  what amount you will never be able to hear?

Personally I would love to hear zero. I am not an idiot I know there are rumors about me floating and that people judge me for them but here is the thing; people that believe in those rumors don’t belong in my tribe. People that say them clearly have nothing better in their lives than to talk about me…

Here are few of my favorites:

“Rumor has it, ooh
Rumor has it, ooh
Rumor has it, ooh
Rumor has it, ooh”

  1. Co-worker to me: “so in the office the rumor is that you and Joey (not his real name) are an item. To be fair to all those people, we did give off the vibe of being an item. We started working around the same time and although not in the same department our newness connected us. We went to lunch together pretty much every day, at office parties we were at the corner chatting and never really tried to fit in any other groups. We discussed the rumor too, and we stepped outside our bubble and decided that yea, to an outsider we looked like a pair. We were not by the way, I quickly met his wife and fell in love with her more than with him so if anything I would be hitting on her. 😀 We are all friends till this day and we often hang out and joke about the whole thing.
  2. After a X-mass party at the office I heard that I fell in the bathroom and someone had to help me downstairs. I think this one is the biggest shocker of all and the funniest especially to the people that were with me for the entire party. I might also add that no-one would actually see me fall unless they shared a ONE person bathroom. Also at an office party I never let loose, if anything its the after party  I would worry about since usually I would go to an after party with someone I liked and trusted. There was no such an after party in this scenario. It is likely that someone did fall that day but it just wasn’t me.
  3. I once talked to a co-worker some time after I quit my job and I announced my pregnancy to him. His response floored me. Here it is “oh so you were definitely not on drugs then! I knew that was a myth” I don’t think I need to comment on this one any further.
  4. Another one that needs no explanation is this: “He married her for the green card.” No sweetheart, he married me because I was young and pretty and I was loaded (or he thought I was) 😀 haha

They are all funny now but when first heard it was a bit of a slap in the face. This is why I prefer not to hear them because no matter how immune one is to the bull shit of the outside world it still sometimes hurts.


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