No more Facebook for me

About three weeks ago I froze my account on Facebook. Why?

  • For one, I was totally addicted to opening the app pretty much first thing in the morning
  • I was tired of reading other peoples’ drama or their fake realities to the point that I felt sick
  • The amount of hateful comments was way too high. No, no one was hateful towards me because I never really  was active in the comments but I read them.
  • I have better things to do

I figured that if people want to reach me, they do have my cell phone number and they can always call or text. The others don’t matter so much. I was never a crowd-pleaser anyways.

I still have Instagram but more and more I want to get rid of it as well. I went to archive my old photos and I couldn’t believe how I used to post anywhere from 1 to 5 times a day. WOW! I have come a long way because now I haven’t posted in a week. Ha ha I know, you might think, oh yea, sure a week. However when you think about it going from few posts a day to once a week is a big deal in an insta-world. An insta- influencer would probably tell you that in an insta-world one week is an eternity! I don’t really give damn anymore, Instagram is not what I use to make money. For all the people that live off of it I say KUDOS, however I also think it would be nicer if they really showed REALITY and not staged life but whatever, people LOVE IT.

My metaphor is this; Instagram is the cake that has the sugar fondant decoration that looks AMAZINGGGGGG but tastes like shit (I don’t even think kids like that crap to be honest) and real life is the cake that might not looks so awesome but is heaven to the taste buds. So some people will buy the cake for the looks and some will buy the other one for the taste. Honestly either way is great, if it floats your boat, it floats your boat. I like to eat cake so I choose the not so perfect looking cake.

So what do I do since I am not all twisted in the Facebook drama? I read BOOKS ❤ My love that I have lost for a while. I only have gotten back to books this year really, but since mid June I am really kicking butt in my mind. I am on my 9th book this summer and I am loving it. I also read both in Polish and English, but in Polish I only read the native authors. Another words I will not pick up an american author translated to polish.

I am reading a fascinating book right now, which will need its own post 🙂

Cheers to no Social Media 🙂 I can and I will survive without Facebook.

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