My Big Mouth

I have always this problem of not filtering what comes out of my mouth or what I write down in a text or an email.

There are only very few individuals that I love enough to think twice before saying something but that’s not always true either

Piss me off and I will kill you with words and I always shoot for your weakest spot. I always know your weakest spot even when we are not the greatest of friends. Ever since I can remember I just have a great intuition when it comes to people. If

I don’t like you from the beginning it’s pretty much over, very rarely does a person get a second chance with me. I am right 99% of times.

No need for a gun when you have mouth like mine. I am totally not proud of this character trait and it’s something I am working on constantly, to be less impulsive and think of other feelings but there are few things that will just make me loose my shit.

⁃ When I catch you lying but you still try to convince me otherwise. Omfg, I think this one is the worst and I will destroy a person that is trying to make me an idiot. Because let’s face it when you lie to my face you are trying to prove you are the smarter one. 🤦🏻‍♀️

⁃ When you knowingly discriminating me for some reason, be it that I am a woman or be it that I am not American. I have mostly came in contact with discrimination because I am not an American and that I have an accent. For some reason my accent gives people permission to think I am somewhat less intelligent. I had a co-worker that would go a very long way to prove me wrong. It doesn’t matter what I said she would be against that idea.

⁃ When someone tells me I have it easy because I am White. Are you fucking kidding me?! Read point two, thanks to my accent I have to always work twice as hard at everything.

⁃ When a person is so stupid that he or she thinks everyone is that stupid. You know the kind of people that will tell you their shit smells like roses? I just cannot be around that kind.

⁃ When you have zero manners. Like when you talk while you chew?! That’s just disgusting and it drives me nuts.

Many people tell me something along this lines “I am glad I got through your wall because you are a very nice person.” I always laugh, but there is something true about this. I have this hard shell around me and it’s part of how I was raised and part of it is because I got used way too many times to be all “La La Land” about everything and everyone. I also worked in the jungle called New York City. I swear, every day before work I had to listen to “Welcome to the Jungle” as I was entering the building. That song was too real.

I have been to other states around the US and seriously people in NYC and LI are like another breed all together. I enjoy how friendly and laid back everyone is in other states. And that is why I am not staying in NY forever.


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